A-Bar is the A-Guild's own bar, which is held a few times per semester by our fine sexmästeri (party committee). It is usually held in the mässen but sometimes also in the blackbox or the old workshop. Various good drinks and cocktails are then served and of course the sex's good food. Best hangout in Lund.


The singing battle, also called Sauce, is a competition in singing and dancing between the different guilds. The competition consists of a choir part and a spex part, the so-called "free part". The choir song is often a well-known song rewritten with a student lyric and must consist of at least four parts. The choir part then ends with a schnapps song often created in the same way. If you have a good enough song, it can stick well, for example the well-known snap song "feta fransyskor" which was the K-Guild's contribution from 1985. The spex, in turn, can be compared to a mini-musical. This part is also strongly characterized by humor and student life, and all music during the performance is played live by its guild. So whether you're interested in choir singing, playing in a band, writing scripts or simply feel like you're in the mood to fix a really fancy decor, there's something in the singer battle for everyone!


The tandem party is a cycling competition that was started in the early 70s by the universities of Lund and Gothenburg, but is now organized by Lund alone. All student organizations that want to can put up a team, so all nations, other student groups and LTH are involved and together there are around 1000 participants. The event involves everyone taking a bus to Gothenburg and then riding a tandem bike all the way home to Lund again. This happens between 12.00 on the day of departure and 2.00 the following day. Over 24 hours of non stop party that is! On the way up, there are big amplifiers, party decorations and fun fare on the buses. Along the way home, there are various stops, including a large outdoor disco with a DJ in the middle of the night. Prizes are awarded to the team that is closest to a secret ideal time, those who win the battle for e.g. hallandsåsen, Party-prize and Problem-prize to teams that have a lot of problems with bikes, teams or buses. Once in Lund, the competitors traditionally finish in Lundagård with a bath in the fountain.

Bicycle party

Bicycle party is a fantastic concept that is widely used in the A-Guild. It's a party where you get to eat a complete three-course dinner during the evening, with different couples and with new guests at each meal. You offer one of the dishes yourself together with a friend and are paired with two secret guest couples. If, for example, you have stopped at the starter, you can then cycle on to an unknown address for the main course with new participants. Most often, the bike party ends with a joint release or after party. The best way in the world to hang out with people you might not see that often outside of school. No one says no to a fun after-party!

The Lunda Carnival

The Lunda Carnival is a carnival organized every four years by the students in Lund. The carnival has its origins in the old student festival custom of greeting the arrival of spring between the end of April and the first of May, and the first official carnival year is usually counted from 1849. The carnival is carried out by over 5,000 students from various student unions and each year around 400,000 visitors come. During the carnival days, the whole of Lundagård is transformed into a carnival area with entertainment tents, student spex, raffle stalls, good food and drinks, several great artists and, of course, the big carnival train. The easiest way to get involved in the carnival is to be there when the guild puts together a group that applies together. Further in advance, you can also take the opportunity to apply for positions of responsibility. The next Lunda Carnival will be arranged in 2026!