Student city

Lund is one of the biggest and oldest student towns in Sweden. People from all over Sweden and the world come to study here. Nearly half of the inhabitants are students, therefore there is always something going on. 

The Lund Cathedral, a landmark of the city.

The city was founded in the year 990 by the Vikings. With the construction of the cathedral in the 12th century, Lund became a Christian centre. Later in the 17th century, the university in Lund was founded. This makes Lund university the second oldest university in Sweden after Uppsala University. That’s why Lund is famous for its student life and student traditions. 

In Lund something fun is always happening. Here the folk festival “Lundakarnevalen”.

Today, with its numerous historic buildings, cafés, well-kept parks, and wide range of cultural activities, Lund is not only a popular student town but also a tourist hotspot. 

It’s a quiet small town therefore biking is the best way to get around the city. And on sunny weekends you can take a bike ride to nearby nature spots like Lomma beach, Dalby or Skrylle. So, bring your bike or get a cheap second-hand bike after your arrival.

But what to do as a student in Lund? If you are studying in Lund there is a lot going on and this can be sometimes also a bit overwhelming. Here are some ideas for activities 

  • Join the Nollning (orientations weeks with a lot of fun and traditional activities)
  • Join a Nation (students association: they offer for example cheap lunch/breakfast, organize activities/parties and much more)  
  • Go to a sittning (dinner with singing, little sketches organized by students) 
  • Have a picnic in one of the beautiful parks (in the botanical garden, stadtsparken, …)
  • Visit a museum (Skissernas museum, Lunds konsthall, Kulturen, …
  • Go on a trip to the near nature reserves (Skrille, Lomma beach, …)
  • Get a free library card at Lunds stadsbibliotek to borrow books