Get engaged

The A-guild

To get engaged in the A-guild means that you are active alongside others who studies architecture and industrial design. The guild arrange events, bars, sittings, the nollning and a lot more. Here everyone can find something fun to do! Would you like to know more about the A-guild? Send an email to


This is the central organisation for LTH and being all the different guilds together. They arrange events, handle study related questions and lots more. In Teknologkåren you can get engaged in several different ways. Would you like to know more? Follow the link below:


Every fourth year something special happens in Lund. The Lundakarneval is arranged by thousands of student volunteers. Lundakarnevalen is an old tradition, it has been going on since 1849. It is a perfect time to meet new people and discover all that Lund has to offer. 

The next Lundakarneval is set to 2026! 


The 13 ‘nations’ are large student social clubs that are unique in Sweden. Each nation has its own particular atmosphere. Getting involved with the nations is a great way to meet friends and enjoy student life. Follow the link below to find more info: