A-bar is the A-guilds very own bar which are held a few times each semester. They are arranged by our Sexmästeri (party committee). Here you can find tasty food, drinks and wonderful company! 


Sångarstriden, which can be semi-accurately translated to the ”Singer battle” is a competition in singing and showmanship between the different guilds of LTH. It’s a fun time, and here you can join regardless of your singing capabilities! 


Cykelfest, or “bike party” is an incredible concept which is widely used in the A-guild. It’s a party where you will eat a full three-course meal throughout the night, with different people at each course. You cook and serve one course with a partner and get paired up with two other couples at each course. Let’s say you and your partner cook and serve an appetizer, then you will eat both main course and dessert at two different adresses with different people. Afterwards there is often a collective after party. A great way to hang out with people you normally would not meet!


Lundakarnevalen is a carnival arranged every fourth year by the students in Lund. The carnival has a long history, with the first edition of it being arranged in 1849. Over 5000 students join forces to create this event, which draws around 400 000 visitors. Here you can get involved in prepping food and drinks for the temporary restaurants, perform in different shows such as spex and cirkus, and lots, lots more. The next Lundakarneval is being arranged in 2026!