Students of the architecture program practice creative problem solving in the field of architecture. During the first two years, students are divided into studios where they often work together in shared courses, individually or in groups. From the third year and in the master years, the studios are formed according to the study of choice. All students get their own place to study and access to the school’s computers, library and multiple workshops.

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Industrial design

At the industrial design program students develop and produce products using a variety of tools according to different cases, it can for example be to make a lamp or an ergonomic tool. During their time at the program, students learn about the whole production process from an idea to finished product and often make prototypes. The school has multiple workshops for different materials; woodshop, metals, clay, 3D-printer and more. Industrial design students have their desks and studios in “Kilen” in the IKDC building, where they also eat and hang out, sharing experiences and innovative ideas.

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